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Australia is surely God's own country and whenever travellers return home they appreciate it even more.....HOWEVER....


Living in the Antipodes* means that we are on the opposite side of the world to almost EVERYWHERE! Flights to Europe, the Americas, the Mediterranean, Africa are expensive and exhausting. Even flights to Asia are over 8 hours in duration.


Whenever I travel, locals and the omnipresent American tourists always comment, "you Australians take such long holidays!"

Well, yes we do. The reasoning is simple; because return airfares can cost over $3500 per couple and consume 24 hours each way, it makes sense to enjoy a variety of destinations whilst overseas. A two week holiday to Europe would, in reality only be 10 days in length once you factor in travel, jetlag, settling in etc. The land portion of a 2 week holiday would cost far less than the airfares!


I believe that Value for money dictates a minimum of 3 weeks in Europe and 2 weeks in the Americas. We antipodeans can't just grab a $500/8 hour flight from New York to Paris for a couple of days or a 100 Euro/ 3 hour flight from London to Zurich. Just as Europeans would not dream of flying downunder for a week in New Zealand, we ANZACs have to really plan and make the most of our infrequent long-haul holidays.


Your Holiday Your Way will ensure that your holiday of a life-time takes adavantage of the amazing sights and delights of your destinations and promises to help stretch your well-earned dollar even further.

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