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Where to stay in Manhattan

MIDTOWN: a busy area humming with activity with easy walking to many points of interest

Although Manhattan has many neighborhoods, it's no surprise that most of its hotels are concentrated in Midtown from 34th to 59th Streets. Midtown includes Broadway and the theatre district, major attractions, many restaurants, bars as well as many businesses.


Upper West Side and Upper East Side: If you prefer a more off the beaten track location, the Upper West Side and Upper East Side surround Central Park and offer a bit more tranquility—although at a much higher price on the luxurious Upper East Side.


Chelsea, Greenwich Village, the West Village and East Village: these neighbourhoods are South of midtown, each of which offers far fewer hotels but has a neighborhood feel amidst less taller buildings. With trendy restaurants and bars, parks, and proximity to the waterfront, some tourists prefer the boutique hotels, wild nightlife and generally younger crowds in these areas.


SoHo and Tribeca: these trendy neighbourhoods are South of the villages also offer luxury accommodations mixed with chic boutiques, hot restaurants and sizzling nightlife.


The Financial District:also known as Lower Manhattan—has made a remarkable recovery since 9/11 and now boasts an increasing number of hotels. Despite some new restaurants and residential apartments, nightlife is limited in this area and you won't find many people on the streets here after dark.


What to see in Manhattan

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