Why call us?

You can collect package tour brochures or you can wade through the internet and pick the best of what's on offer. Sometimes you can get what you want and sometimes you can get a bargain.


But why compromise? It is YOUR holiday, isn't it?



A great holiday takes lots of planning. 


First you pick your destinations, then you read and read, talk to friends 

and scour the internet. Then comes the planning; will these flights connect?, where do we stay?, are we squeezing too much in? Finally you book and hope for the best.   Sound Familiar?

Certified Destination Specialist for:

Why not let someone else do all the searching and planning for you?


Why not get the holiday that you really want? 


Why not start your holiday RELAXED!

What we can do for you.

At Your Holiday Your Way we will help you plan your holiday, that you will remember for all the right reasons.

We can come to you and discuss what you would like your holiday to be and then individualise an itinerary tailored to your wants, needs and budget.

Step One:


After contacting Your Holiday Your Way, we will listen to you and note what you want from your holiday;

  • Your destinations

  • Your style of holiday

  • Your preferences for travel components; Coach, Cruise, Jet, Hire Car, Train etc

  • Your time of departure and return; from home and each destination

  • Your preferences for accommodations: Type - Hotels, Inns, Guest houses, B&Bs, Apartments  Style - Budget through to Luxurious

  • Most of all we will listen.


We can visit you, you can drop by for a coffee, we can video chat on skype, phone, email; whichever you are the most  comfortable with.


Step Two:


After our initial visit, we will immediately start tailoring your holiday.

We will put together a growing website tht features possibilities for your vacation from which you can choose.

  • First and formost we will search for the best flight deals within your time frame and offer the best options.

  • We will include destination information for each location including;  the best locations for hotels, local must sees & dos, dining options.

  • We check what VISAS and Vaccinations you will require.

  • We will give you weather information for each location (maybe Venice is not the best when it is flooded  due to "Alto Aqua"?

  • We will seek local knowledge via online contacts and forums regarding proposed itineraries to ensure your holiday is paced appropriately for you.

  • We can suggest free memberships for hotel and travel clubs that will benefit you on this holiday and those in the future.

  • The website will also be given access to our travel planning page that helps you with; travel money, Visas and travel safety, weather forecasts, Sea conditions, Language tips and so much more.


    It is important to note that your website will be regularly updated with additional information, it will be your one stop shop.

Step Three


Interaction is the key to your dream itinerary; the only silly question is the one that you do not ask.

Call us, email us, we will answer your queries promptly and professionaly.


As we fine tune your holiday,

  • we will place your bookings and help you in paying for components of your holiday#1

  • Your Holiday Your Way will help you book and pay for your airfares

  • We will answer any questions about your holiday and continue to fine tune your:

    • Destinations

    • Accommodations

    • Day tours, short trips, cruises etc

    • Travel from destination to destination.

  • At this stage we would strongly suggest that you purchase travel insurance, we can assist you with this.

  • We will continue to update your website with booked components, useful information and topics that answer your questions.


Prior to Departure


Your Holiday Your Way will ensure all bookings and payments are completed andwe will produce a travel compendium which contains:

  • All pre-completed documentation for your holiday ie. flight details and vouchers, Tour tickets, Accommodation Vouchers, Transfer informaion etc

  • The compendium will be presented in a day by day format  and include each day's itinerary in detail including; contact details, maps and location information

  • Your Holiday Your Way can also arrange for copies of your compendium, passports, credit cards, visas etc to be stored online for you to immediately access via a web-connected computer should you lose them.#2

  • We can also complete on-line check-ins for all of your flights.#2

  • We will of course be contactable during your trip should you require our assistance. We would suggest that you purchase a Travel SIM card to facilitate contact during any vacation involving multiple destinations and connections.#3

On your Return


We would love to hear about your holiday and receive feedback both positive and negative, we strive to achieve perfection for our clients.


We can offer some additional services to help you remember your holiday:

  • Hard cover Coffee Table photo books of your holiday

  • Youtube videos / slide shows with backing music

  • Create and update a traveller's point profile including photographs - a really great way to save your trip details online

#1 Your Holiday Your Way is NOT a licensed travel travel agency and therefore we can not directly make bookings and bill you.

       We help you plan your holiday and assist you in making payments for individual components.

#2 YHYW uses cloud storage (Google Drive) to securely store your documents

#3  YHYW will provide you with a comparison of readily available travel sims from which to choose

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